AUTOFUEL is a fully automated refueling system, utilizing a robot to complete the refueling of your car.

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AUTOFUEL – The next step in convenience.

Get a real break

AUTOFUEL gives the driver more time to take care of the kids, answer emails or buy a cup of coffee, when fueling.

Automatic or manuel refueling

The AUTOFUEL system is an addition to the standard refueling pump. Therefore, the customer can always choose: Either the robot or self-service.

How does it work

With AUTOFUEL, you don’t have to leave your car in weather conditions where you would rather stay inside. You will no longer get fuel on your hands, feet or clothes.


Buy a cup of coffee while you car is refueled

Can refuel cars on both sides of the island

AUTOFUEL is working with higly precision 

Stay inside your car while it is getting refueled

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